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hi Kathryn,
I have worked out the threads and posted mine today. I just decided I would read your thread from the beginning and it has been so good to read. You are willing to give so much and show the ups and downs as each day goes, which helps all of us. I am not surprised you have such a good friend and lovely kids. It reflects the sort of person you are.
My mum is in a retirement village and I so much admire the people who work with the aged. They are very special people, always happy and so patient, so good on you. Don’t feel bad when you have a ‘mental health’ day – you have earnt it!
You live in a lovely area. I have always loved the beach, must be because I am a pisces! I have started walking again, now that I have so much extra time and nothing beats being able to walk along the beach and breathe in the fresh air.
Take care and the kids’ holidays will soon be over! I know – I’m on school holidays, handing the kids over to their parents for the two weeks and giving myself a break!
5 days and feeling good!