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Hi Larry
Like Laura – I am proud to be walking with you. We walk on the same road but it isn’t until the fog lifts a bit that we can see the army marching on and I am so glad that I have not only seen but heard you.
You tax my grey cells and teach me so much.
I think it is great to see 18 month Gambling Free written on the hoarding by the road and I hope it gives heart to those who walk behind you. I hope they know that if they can write as Larry does after 18 months then ‘Wow’ just think what they can do after a year, 2 years and more. I have been lucky enough to know someone with 17 years behind him and still marching forward.  He still views everyday as beautiful and is still seeing things he has not noticed before. His son died suddenly last year and he stayed true to his gamble-free life. Like you he was able to weep with his loved ones. 
Life can be very tough and dealing with an addiction on top is something I cannot imagine but you are showing the way and it is great to read.
God Bless you Larry – I can hear that He does
V xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx