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Hi Guys,
Nice Carole! I would have never put that spin on things. So good to have friends like you to do it. I have been told before I come off mean, which always cracks me up! I am such a marshmallow!
Well 2 days left with my friend at work. I made sure we will have a nice little send off on Friday and there is a plan to go to lunch on Saturday. I bought her a gift card for the movies and picked out things for a gift basket for her. Robe, gown,slippers, bath bubbles, candle’s, bath pillow, back scrubber, lotion . I think she will like it. All about relaxing. She has worked hard, divorced mom of 3. I am already feeling the void. She was off today and I am missing her already.
Need to work even harder on recovery. These are one of the "be aware" situations that can send you back to gambling. Self pity, happiness for others, a tinge of jealousy, stress. Anything can be a trigger. No room for complacency in recovery, odaat.
If any of my Safe Harbor friends find my thread you will know more about me than you ever wanted to know! LOL!
But this is the reason I don’t post there, I am too busy here. Use all the tools you can get your hands on! I understand the GA UK has on line GA meetings. Haven’t done one yet but I am willing to try almost anything to stay clean. The funny part is expecting your life to become wonderful. Sorry to say I still have the same problems but I deal with them in a healthier way ( i think!). Lots of work to be done in that department! 48 years of living has put more that a few skeletons in my closet! lol!
need to sleep, meant to earlier but I got busy watching a DVD i rented.