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Time is flying by. Im getting so much help and dont really know whats going on other than that im doing all i can to recover from everything that gambling has caused in so many ways. Everything is still unreal and life is kind of on hold. Im more than grateful for all the help I’ve recieved through GA and the local addiction unit. I do both one to one counselling and a CBT course over there. I am shocked that there is so much knowledge and understanding for what im going through at the addiction unit- i think they are heroes and life savers, i dunno what id done without the support from them. At home things are ok but tough as my husband still thinks im to blame for everything. There is a lot of support offered for him but he does not want any of it which makes things difficult- he thinks this is my battle alone. That is all.

Love to everyone and im sorry for not commenting on your posts. I will get back to it i promise xxxx