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Thank you Geordie and Lizbeth- I think we have all experienced “forumism” in one form or another and I think I have invented a new word to describe when an enabler / victim / martyr of a person with an addiction feels it’s acceptable to strike out at every person with an addiction . Sorry it’s not – I guess that’s like saying if a white person steals something on u – all white People are thieves . No the f and f are not getting off with treating people badly no matter what their experiences. We all have our own personal responsibility to treat other s with respect .
Hope this helps you Lizbeth !

I take your point Geordie about even professionals make mistakes- but when we do,we apologise and accept blame to minimise damage so no I’m not accepting that get out of jail free card on behalf of any person who is too arrogant for the post they hold .

I like being gamble free – I think for the first time in my life I am learning to tell it how it is ! I am speaking up for another downtrodden and down beaten sector of society – addicts !

Addicts stand up and love yourselves – we have let others talk down to us for far too long ! I