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      My story I have been gambling off and on for the past ten years. I have times where I can control it and others where I can’t. I got help through counslling which didn’t’t seem to help at all, and then I tried GA meetings which were the only thing to help me because they all had been in the same situation as me. I got to my 30days and my sister in-law said lets go to the casino that’s all it took, since then I have not went back. I am now going every other day and taking at least 80 dollars and finding every way to go. My husband has taken a job overseas to help are financial situation not because my gambling but because he retired and can’t find a job. I need to stop my gambling to help the situation so we can accomplish our goals. I feel so consumed all the time by the thought process on how can I get there, who can come babysit and when I get there most the time I can take 100 dollars and turn it to 500 dollars but can never stop there I can’t leave until I have nothing left. I find every reason to not go back to GA meetings like not wanting to get a babysitter or having no money left to pay one, so now here I am trying the on-line help its free I have no excuses not to try it. I need my life back for myself and my kids.Love your self love your family for they are always there.

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