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So funny, its sounds like I just wrote every word that you wrote about myself. I still get this weird feeling in my stomach when I think about going to a casino. I picture the foyer of my local like it was Disney land. The problem with people like us who seem to need the artificial stimuli of the slots and games is that it is really hard to replace with anything else. After a hard day at work my mind longs to have the “fun” of sitting back with my favorite games on my phone and playing “just a little”. I convince myself that it will only be for a while but it never turns out the way I planned. It’s like drugs, once you get the buzz you want to keep it going. I feel anxious when I know that I am going to have to stop playing and it almost feels like pain to my mind. It’s a hard thing to kick for sure but all addictions have their physical components to overcome. All you can do is make yourself accountable for what you do and deal qith the discomfort in the most reasonable way you can. Hope your day goes well.