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Thanks kin. I hope that you are well today and feeling more hopeful. I am starting to reroute the energy I used to place on trying to find ways to gamble and using it on better things. I am starting my seedlings today before I go to work at my second job so it gives me hope. I was looking at the property today, placing plants here and there in my mind, thinking of all that I could actually accomplish if I put my time into planting and being outdoors instead of sitting on my butt indoors playing slots. I love my garden and growing things and it makes me feel alive. I am hoping for that to flourish this year instead of doing a half ass job like I did every other year and feeling the joy of growing both plants and myself. Its day 15 and it is getting easier. All I can say is that blocks that work and stop me from gambling are the what I should have done long ago, and thanks to the makers of gamban for your latest update. I hope that you are all strong and gamble free today