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up again after only a couple of hours sleep. I might get out and do my shopping for Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday’ Then go back to bed and when I wake up I’ll start my preparation for the meal.
On day 7 and feeling good, No gambling thoughts and no desire to return to hell. I am trying to see this in the ugliest way from now on. If I can realize this it may keep me from wanting to go back. Hope so. I am willing to try anything that keeps me out of a casino.
I am not going to worry too much about the repayment either for now and just do what I can in the short run. I will get it done eventually. Less pressure that way’ I am happy to work at least a few more years anyway. One day at a time can work at this point.
Looking forward to time spent with family I don’t often see this weekend. Not as big a crowd for dinner either. About 15 I think, usually I would double that number so It means I can enjoy the company too and not just be their server. I am thankful. I would like to extend my hopes to everyone out there this Thanksgiving for a time well spent with those you love. FG