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Ahhh thanks for the post Maverick, so lovely to hear from you. I just posted to you as well and it was good to see you had some good news about your wife’s improvement, Thank god! Yeah sometimes I think bull when I hear that as well. We have been together nearly 30 years, since my late teens. In a lot of ways I’m very easy going and he is a very neanderthal type personality lol. Doesn’t seem to know how to pick up after himself no matter what he has touched and drives me literally around the bend. I keep reminding myself there are worse things but when when you have pain and limitations each thing I pick up can be painfully annoying! But anyway, life goes on! Things can always be worse! Thanks as well IDI. Not sure if we could agree on where to go for date night. But we went shopping together today and managed not to kill each other lol.

So life is pretty good not gambling. I picked up a few Dahlia’s for the front flower bed. I’m going to hire a young man to come do a little work on the lawn and flowers. I can afford it. Imagine. Not giving it to the establishment. Keep trying and working on recovery everyone. It is worth it. To keep my money for things that I love and enjoy. Research and development sure did their job when they designed the slots that sucked me in. Not today.