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As the days goes by during this worldwide event which everyone is experiencing stay home measures and certain restrictions life goes on condolences to those who lost their love ones because of it. May God give you strength at this time.
Looking forward to the new normal as some restrictions are lifted. With that being said having an addiction which is destructive pattern not only to your life but the life of those who are close to you the mind there and then is wrapped up with a surge of chemicals imbalances. These imbalances is cause by our urge to get back the first high that thrill feeling of winning or feeling that sensation of a deeper meditation.
Looking from the outside their may be those who don’t understand what certain addiction is due to lack of knowledge or ignorance. Those who truly care about that individual will pour words of affirmations and give that individual a sense of purpose and direction in life. I am thankful for your those wonderful people in my life big shout out to STEEV RYAN JANE(I did it) and of course SANTOS ROLON JUNIOR. I give you Al my respect and love for you guys really support and encouragement me to rewire the mindset.
I am very thankful I now moving on with my life self healing and recovery is on a continuous basis as i journey on the pathway of life. Forming new healthy relationships with someone who has truly encouraged and supported me God bless you.
I am joyful always.
I am blessed
Peace and love