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Dear (((Bettie))) Today being Thursday I believe is your day off. With working fulltime and your health appointments, your condo, and other commitments, you have a lot on your plate. If you aren’t having people to your house for Christmas, why bother with lugging out all the Christmas things?? I don’t have a single decoration in my house, and am not putting anything up. It doesn’t stop me from enjoying the work other people have done in decorating. That party with your old boss, is it the one that people come and go and it’s held in some rich person’s house?? With appetizers and a glass of wine?? I hate those kinds of events as they seem so pretentious, but maybe your event is not pretentious. I would only go if I wanted to, not to please someone else. You said you were exhausted; perhaps sleep might be in order instead. If you go, I hope you enjoy yourself. My friend asked me to go to a cooking class with her and my response was “couldn’t we go and do something fun instead?” I don’t go places I don’t want to go anymore unless it involves my grandkids, and even then I say no at times. Were you able to get your insulin pump, and if so, how is that working for you? Thank goodness you have a cat who recognizes when you are in trouble with your glucose levels. You should nominate your cat as a “hero.” I am loving having my cats, especially the last one I got, as he talks to me a lot, and lays beside me while I watch TV or am on the computer. I am going to get my act more together in the new year, and unless someone I care about dies, I plan on having a very good year, with a renewed outlook on my recovery, and some volunteer work. Carole