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You’re in the right place. Connecting with others who are overcoming and have overcome this and writing a lot about it helps — a lot.

I will say I tried a LOT of things by myself over the years and while they helped things like self hypnosis and practices of health were never full answers. I believe this is an overwhelming addiction that needs more than one person to conquer in most cases.

I believe it is definitely influenced by genes but can be overcome in spite of them. They’ve done studies on dopamine type genes in people who can manage risk vs not and there are correlations.

That doesn’t matter at all though — what matters is that you’re here and have more groups, GA meetings, can plug into.

Self exclusion from casinos is highly recommended.

I get on here and write every time I get an urge to bet (been here getting over three weeks if not four now) and it sure helps. Connect with someone/socialize and write — try to dig up the feelings etc. behind the urge.

You can do this one day at a time.

Much love and support <3