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Hi Hanihan
It is great when a gambler accepts support with his finances and you are doing really well agreeing to support your partner with this.
I am not keen on anti-depressants being offered to gamblers because the addiction is usually the cause of the depression and a fuzzy brain will never give lasting results. Dedicated addiction therapists and counsellors who look at the whole picture are, in my view, the best way for gamblers to tackle their problem.
When your partner goes to the casino to watch the roulette wheel he is not de-stressing, he is keeping his mind in the action and that is a tiny step away from relapse. Gambling in his head is the equivalent of a dry drunk; it is the gamble (and not the money) that excites him.
As I said in my previous reply to you, we have a terrific Helpline on this site and the facilitated gambler groups would willingly support him – it is all anonymous. If you are in the UK, GMA is an amazing rehab – details of which can be got from our Helpline and from the section on our forum page for GMA residential treatment, Q&A. GA is another great support.
I know of many who have learned to control their addiction which is why I am writing to you now. I know your partner can be in control of his life.
It would be great to ‘meet’ you in an F&F group where we can ‘talk’ in real time, nothing said in the group appears on the forum. Please stick to one thread, multiple threads often mean that support is missed because they are harder to follow.
Speak soon