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It sounds to me like you have your priorities right – charity begins at home – you provide baby sitting services (yes I know it’s a pleasure !) to your family , you support an elderly mother (which isn’t always the easiest task) and you provide lovely fresh produce for your family .
If you can get by, why beat yourself up about work or volunteering outside the home?
I think sometimes we forget how much we already do.
If you absolutely need to work that is another matter entirely!

How about deciding to postpone the idea for six months and just enjoy and that you have achieved and achieve every day ? How about being kind to Lizbeth – and accepting that being with family and close friends is ok. Sometimes we just don’t need all those outsiders .

It just seems to me that you have come so far , overcome such obstacles that you could do worse things than take a little time to just congratulate Lizbeth and enjoy all you have achieved without the burden of work hanging over you .
Forgive me if I’m way off the mark .