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Micky, I’m sorry the counselling didn’t work out . It is VERY important that we meet the right person before we start. I went for counselling last year. I liked the idea of going but the reality was very different. Although Charles told me it didn’t work because of my dishonesty, I can HONESTLY say in hindsight it didn’t work because the counsellor was past her sell by date, she knew NOTHING about gambling. Didnt even realise that there were casinos in Ireland. (Every town is dotted with them.) And really hadn’t much interest in addiction in general. I pointed out that there was a casino with huge neon sites around the corner from her “office”. After six weeks, she still hadnt noticed. That indicated to me that she wasnt all that interested. She kept falling asleep when I was answering the questions she put to me. The good part of it was I had a few work issues at the time and realizing that “Addiction” was not her forte, I tested her on the other matter and she gave me a lot of help. She also learned a lot about gambling and I think she enjoyed the sessions even though she found me a bit outrageous at times. She also offered my sons or husband six free sessions each . They all declined . So much for Family support. The sessions cost 70 euro for 55 mins I had to drive a two hour return journey so have plenty free time to visit the casino on the way home and say I got delayed ! Those “free”sessions, if I am to be totally honest cost me approx 8 grand.
The moral of the story is get a counsellor who suits you and knows about addiction.
If I had been an alcoholic she would have driven me to both drink and gambling.
Of course I should have kept all the golden rules. Not carried cash/cards/ told her what I felt etc etc but I will put it down to experience! Another gamble! Some we win some we lose.
Just a thought Micky , would you ever consider doing “time” in GMA?
I can tell you I have never met a GP who knows anything about gambling.