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Hah, caught you posting … perfect.  Must be 10:05 p.m. your time, it’s 8:05 a.m. here and I’m just taking a few seconds to read before getting kids out of the door for school.  Can you believe TEN showings yesterday?  I am exhausted.  First did the usual two-hour spruce up.  I know, I know, it doesn’t need that much, but I’m psychotic right now.  The calls just kept coming … I hope it will be the same today.  Real estate office opens in an hour, so let’s see!  I have to be out all day with the dog, he is simply not allowed in the house from morning to night.  So, he gets LOTS of walks.  He loves it for the first hour or so, but as the day drags on, the poor thing starts to be a bit resentful.
I won’t fall off my chair laughing, look what happened to you.  Besides, it’s not funny, it hurts like hell, I know … been there.  I’m glad you’re feeling better.  Can’t picture you wheeling around the grocery store though, lol!!
Isn’t little Harry the cutest baby boy ever.  Cocktail wienies for dinner!!  Doesn’t that beat all???  What a considerate, sweet boy!!
Anyway, time to get the kids out the door.  Will check in on you again soon.
RGMay you be safe and happy.  May you be peaceful.