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Hi Kathryn…just had to pop on this morning and read about the wedding.  Not sure what made me think of it, but now I’m going to be late for work!  It sounds SOOOOOOOOO romantic.  I think we all know those family dramas, ours were usually centered around my mother (an alcoholic) and trying to determine whose turn it was to babysit her so that she didn’t pass our with her face in the soup bowl.
I’m glad you felt so confident about your appearance.  When I went to my reunion, I didn’t put the whole thing together until 10 minutes before I was leaving…I looked in the mirror and thought "good God, I hate this".  You were all prepped and ready to dazzle.  Good on ‘ya girl.
Always a delight to hear how well you are doing, could you ever have imagined this?  I still have this sense of wonder that there really IS a world waiting for me to join in.  Anyways, must run…ask your FIL if he’ll save the last dance for me!  That ought to start world war three.