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Sometimes the more we do for our children, Micky,the less they seem to appreciate it
I have a friend coming today around midday
Better get up…..!!! I have everything ready since yesterday and hubby gets up at 7 am so he has the stove lighting. Imagine, in June! My sisters 6th anniversary today. Talking of the Royal Family , I remember the hospice she died in was called The Earl Mountbatten Hospice. A lovely man who was blown up in Mayo by the IRA. All resolved now since Prince Charles’ recent visit to Ireland ……Life goes on. We are only “small fry”!
I will take down this post in a few hours for fear of being reprimanded for Hate Speech. Life is gone like that now. A grandmother in the UK asked the Police if she could get the Gay Righters who were parading noisily and obscenely along her street, to tone down . She was charged with hate speech!!!
Thank God people are still allowed to say “I am a CG” That could change too!!!
I never define myself by labels so I’ll be safe!