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I had a good day yesterday and it is nice to get posts which say this is your breakthrough. But the honest truth is that today and back to real life is just another day of what is for me existence, not living. The fallout from gambling just keeps playing through and I realistically don’t think there is a point where you say it all got better then. Cos it hasn’t.

Bailiffs called. As usual don’t answer
Half hour holding on for universal credit to answer to tell,them doc has only just signed med cert. they say if not received by Monday cut off benefits which means eviction.
25 mins holding on for doc to chase to sign off med cert
Walk down to surgery, not signed 20 min wait to get cert signed off.

Went to GA and could feel myself welling up beforehand. Third time I have felt like this before a meeting. It was an inspiring step 3 share of someone whose life turned around completely when he surrendered to his higher power. I am currently doing the financial damage step and I am finding this painful. I cannot face bankruptcy which I will have to soon. It is too much for me. One interesting thing the young man shared was that he prayed for the positive qualities in the orange book so may try that I left as soon as the meeting ended, which I always do when I am about to blub.