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Today was a good day! First, I realized that I made the last payment on a high interest loan this month. That money can go to the new creditor. I will call them next week with a proposal. I purchased my vegetable seeds and plants. This weekend the garden will be planted. Exciting! I’ve had good success in the past. My strawberries are blooming and my peach and apple trees will be producing in a few months. It does save money, keeps me busy and tastes yummy! I’ve decided to go 1 more month without the internet! I’ve purchased some movies at a yard sale at $1 a piece. I’m reading more and getting things done around here. My Mother even complimented me on how good my front and back yards look. Next month I am going to start painting the inside of my house. Everything is white but a accent wall in my dining room. Time for change!!! I’m feeling very motivated. The fire here is 50% contained. The winds are bringing a lot of smoke into town. It was caused by a illegal campfire! Fire restrictions are in force!!! Being gamble free makes life a lot better! Time for more exciting things and goals!