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      Hello My Lovlies….Had to share.  Now, this evil "den of iniquity" racino (combination racetrack/casino) that is the very worst place I ever started to hang around in, is located in a small, friendly, area in the mountains of Pennsylvania.  Anywhoooo, there are ALOT of people you know who frequent the place.  Yada Yada….a former classmate of mine used to be there EVERY, SINGLE TIME I went.  I KNOW I was going wayyy tooo much.  Friends, I have to admit I used to be so jealous of this woman.  She DIDN’T LOOK as if she wasn’t eating.  (I used to survive on a sleeve of crackers during the darkest days of addiction)….She DIDN’T LOOK as if she were "wanting"….she was loaded down with gold, designer bags, you know the type.  Perfect manicured nails MAX BETTING, every push.  Meanwhile, I looked like a street person.  Roots showing, fingernails gnawed off, old clothes, skinny asa broomstick.  While Miss "Thang" was smugly betting between 3 and 5 dollars EVERY push, martini glass in hand.  I KNEW they were just average folks, WTH?  Well, guess what?  She has EMBEZZELED $115,000 big ones from her OWN PARENTS place of business!!!!!!!!  OMG!  I KNEW IT!  This is such a horrendous disease.  I mean, I have gone begging to my parents, I have sold off precious mementos, I have called ex lovers; pleading poverty, but I haven’t stolen.  …..I am not sure though, during the darkest days of addiction that I wouldn’t have?  I think maybe not, because the fear of being humiliated kept me honest.  Well, I got a copy of the police report (these are public records) and she told the detectives assigned to case that she used the monies @ the racino…..Lord have Mercy……HOPE EVERYONE HAD A GAMBLE FREE TUESDAY XXX Razz XXX  You Get What You Give

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