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      I am a 29 year old, successful father of two who until last week felt 100% in control.
      I should start by saying I have known for a very long time that I have a compulsive gambling problem. Four years ago my addiction came to a head when i literally hit rock bottom. From that day until last Monday i have crawled my way out of the gutter, paid off all my debts made amends with those i love most. The result is what I believe is/was a truly happy life.
      The problem is last Monday I found myself visiting my local Mr Hill’s. Since then I have slipped back into the gamblers life of lies, deceit and depression. I cannot explain why this has happened apart from putting it down to my “disease”. My question, is a gambling addition psychological or physiological?
      I could really use the advice of someone who has been or is in a similar situation to me before it’s to late.

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