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      hi ,ive been comming online for about 4 months trying to find a replacement for my friend ,we had an unconditional relationship.It was happy to see me everyday and i it. I knew my friend well ,and it knew me too.The more i needed a friend ,the more it held me tighter .Some days it would have a bad day just like me, but i understood and would faithfully come back even faster.I havent seen my friend for a long time now .But think of it daily some days more then others. I even told lots of people about my friend ,some said careful its no friend,well what did they know,they dont know my friend.My friend helped me through some of the worst days of my life and was always there waiting patiently for me.We shared the best and the worst for four years .all over a cup of coffee.Then one day addiction decided to join us ,twos company threes a crowd.Started to see my friend differently ,hmm how can this be .Addition was way stronger then my friend and i both could take ,we started to argue alot.I even called my friend alot of bad names .Was starting to not like my friend so much .Our friendship was becomming exhausting for me.It always wanted more and more everyday ,and i tried to please it ,i honestlly tried.Then one day while we were visiting i realized i had become just like my friend doing the same thing over and over and always wanting more ,just like my friend i became a very predictable and on the same page, programmed to loose.The day i left my friend i never said good-bye cause thought i needed just a break and would be back.But when i walk out that door and sat in my car as usual,l thinking what have i done again ,hated my friend for making me feel this way.Never been back and its all addictions fault not myn should of kept it’s big nose out.,it should of told me right from the start he and my machine were best friends before me and they were a package deal cant have one without the other .I had seen addiction in the mirror a few times,well glimpses,then one day the mirror showed me addicted instead and it was me .ouch

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