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      My 22 year old son has been gambling for the last 3 years. He had a very big disappointment happen to him 3 years ago and turned to gambling as a way of coping. The first we heard of it was when he had spent every paycheque from his summer job and racked up his visa. It scared him and he came clean and said he wanted to get help. Sadly we thought that was the end of it and he would get better but here we are 3 years later dealing with the same thing. He will be fine for a while and then when something bothers him he returns to the casino. Due to his age I am not sure if he really realizes how bad this problem is. i think he thinks that he can beat this. He has also developed social anxiety and is in quite a fragile spot. It is so very difficult being a mother of a CG as trying to do the right thing to help them goes against your natural instinct as a mother to help. I constantly doubt myself and am soooo disappointed to realize what a good liar and manipulator my son has become.– 25/06/2011 11:23:35: post edited by Velvet.

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