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Dark: thanks for your humble, rigorous
Honesty….to me;
I look at 291 days of achieved Sobriety…
And say wow 😮….
You provide hope for people like me
Who are scared /and /or stubborn
To go through
Even a week of cravings or withdrawal symptoms…
By you
Achieving 291 days of sobriety it tells me that it can be done with determination, posting here …and work-
I succeed by surrendering my addiction
And also by NOT betting….
Sounds odd?

Suppose I want to get in better shape, or build my muscles up? Then I have to go to the gym and physically do some work, but with an addiction, it is important not to feed it…..
Or so I’m learning!
I’m thinking you’ll get back on the horse (of sobriety)
And perhaps this time you’ll
Have 365 days of sobriety
Or more !
You are an inspiration to
People like me
Who are lost/ afraid of withdrawal symptoms
Or i may be just plain stubborn (geez)

Head up!
And im
Looking forward to hearing
Day after day of great sobriety!!