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Gordon Moody

Residential Service

The Gordon Moody Association delivers a programme of intensive residential support and treatment to people who are severely addicted to gambling. The unique 12 week programme of individual and group therapy combined with the benefits of living as part of a therapeutic community provides a way forwards even where other interventions have failed. Residents are supported to adopt new coping skills which help them to attain recovery and to integrate back into the world without the need to gamble.

Service for Women Problem Gamblers

The Gordon Moody Association provides an intensive treatment programme to meet the needs of women who are struggling to overcome their problem gambling. This service combines two short term residential retreats with 12 weekly therapy sessions delivered either online or face to face.  

The first three night residential stay includes a series of therapeutic group workshops in a retreat-style setting. During this time participants can disengage from day to day life and focus on personal needs and issues. By bringing together a positive and supportive network of other women who are struggling with similar problems, participants are encouraged to develop an understanding of what has lead gambling to become problematic for them.

The retreat workshops will be followed by 12 weekly one-to-one therapy sessions either carried out face to face or online. Therapists will provide support with day-to-day problems, and offer further pieces of work to help overcome problem gambling.

This short and intensive programme concludes with a two night residential series of therapeutic workshops – again in a retreat style setting in the Herefordshire countryside. During this time participants reflect on all that has been learned, discuss any problems experienced during treatment, and create a personal plan to work towards a gambling free future. 

How to access help: Contact Amy on: 01384 241292 who will send you an application form or you can complete an application form online. Once this has been completed we will arrange a telephone interview with you. If your application is successful we can then discuss the details of the accommodation and precise dates.

There is currently no cost for this treatment to you other than your travel to the venue. Should you require any more information please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to talk to you.

Outreach service

On completion of one of the residential programmes, the Gordon Moody Association also offer an outreach service. Outreach workers will continue to work with you for as long as you need them. We have halfway accommodation for up to three months for those who need it and who wish to engage in relapse prevention work. If you choose to stay on then there is also help and support in accessing counselling and getting back into education/work. In addition, we can also help with housing advice for those who want to relocate.

Online support

In support of the residential programmes, there are also online support for those waiting to come for treatment, to friends or family members of gamblers waiting to access services and for those that have completed a residential programme.

For those that do not wish to maintain face to face contact, or are unable to do so following a residential programme – there is a weekly online support group specifically for ex residents. This group is text based and is accessed through the Gambling Therapy website groups page.

Friends and Family

We warmly encourage friends and family members of anyone in the residential service to make contact with the therapy staff, and to establish their own therapeutic support. Helping to support someone through a gambling problem, coping with the family situation when someone goes into treatment, or struggling with the difficulties caused by someone else’s gambling can be very isolating. The Gambling Therapy website has forums and weekly online text-based groups specifically for those affected by someone’s gambling.


You do not need a referral to apply for a place on the residential programme. However, with your consent, the residential programme will accept referrals from friends, family members, probation, social or health workers.

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