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"Before getting help and support from Gambling Therapy I was facing a very bleak future" Roco, Brazil

Multilingual Support Helpline

It can really help to speak to someone if you are worried about your own gambling, or if someone else’s gambling is having an impact on your life. We have trained advisors waiting to speak to you using our text-based multilingual live support service. The team will answer your questions, provide information and can offer practical and emotional support during difficult times. If this is your first visit to the Gambling Therapy website then the helpline is a great place to start.

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Multilingual Support Groups

Online support groups for problem gamblers, and for their friends and family. You need to be a registered member and signed in to access online groups.

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Gambling Therapy Support Forums

Our active gambling support forums are available 24/7 and as people use our site from all over the world there’s usually someone around to respond to your posts.

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Email Support

If you're looking for advice or information from a member of the Gambling Therapy team you are welcome to email us.

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Support for gamers

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