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What is Gambling Therapy

What is Gambling Therapy?

Gambling Therapy is a free, global online service offering practical advice and emotional support to anyone affected by problem gambling.

Who runs Gambling Therapy?

Gambling Therapy is staffed by an international team of trained and qualified psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors and experienced peer support workers. Gambling Therapy is part of Gordon Moody, a UK charity delivering residential support and treatment to people who are severely addicted to gambling.

What services does Gambling Therapy offer?

The Gambling Therapy website and mobile app provide information and advice to anyone affected by problem gambling – as well as providing access to a number of interactive services. The live support helpline allows visitors to speak to an advisor by text – in any language. Regular text-based groups are also offered, with experienced facilitators to ensure they are welcoming and non-judgemental. A peer support forum provides a platform for discussion 24/7, and support is also offered via email.

How is Gambling Therapy funded?

Gambling Therapy is funded through number of avenues including direct donations from individuals and organisations who value and support our work.

Gambling Therapy, Language and Diversity

Gambling Therapy strives to offer support at the point of need when it is most needed. We recognise that language can often be a barrier to communication so we have worked hard to offer native languages where we can. However, we appreciate, that machine translation is still better than no language.

Our ability to offer over 250 languages across the globe, we know, saves lives!

We reach out to provide support where there is nothing and provide comfort to those most in need at their darkest moments.

We recognise that language is only part of the story – Gambling Therapy respects all diversity, cultures, religions and genders however defined. We only see the person (or family) that needs our help and support.

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