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How do I block gambling sites?

Installing software on your computer, phone or tablet to prevent access to gambling websites and apps can form a useful part of a strategy to quit gambling.

Blocking software should not be considered a simple solution to a gambling problem – but it can be a useful way to slow you down and give you space to reconsider whether to follow an urge to gamble or to choose a different path.

With the many possible combinations of devices and operating systems that are available there is no universally effective solution to blocking and filtering, but we have listed some of the most commonly available software below. These are all subscription-based services – charging an annual fee in order to maintain the effectiveness of the software. There are some free blocking tools available but you may find that these are not as effective

Gambling Therapy provides links to the main three providers of blocking software, but is not affiliated with the companies and it does not accept responsibility for their efficacy or use. Please contact the relevant software company for technical support:



Please note that at time of writing (August 2021), Gamban is being made available free for UK residents.