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First day on here and definitely long overdue. I just spent some time reading through so many of your stories and I’m glad I found this place. I am 29 years old and have been gambling here and there since I was in college. My big problem started during Covid lockdowns where I discovered online casinos…

I have completely lost control! Playing blackjack and slots have been my go to. There have been several times where I go up big and then manage to blow it all within a matter of minutes. Within the last 2months I have maxed out all my credit cards and dug myself into a huge hole. I ended up winning BIG two weeks ago…enough to pay off all my debts and put plenty in savings and for some reason that wasn’t enough for me. Within 2 days I blew it all and was left with absolutely nothing.

I am getting married in 6months and have no words. I have told my fiancé about my issue and if I don’t get help I’m afraid she is going to leave me. She deserves a lot better and someone who is responsible and not a liability.

I have currently blocked all access to my accounts and will have a long road ahead to pay off my debts. I know this won’t be easy as addiction runs in my family so Would greatly appreciate any advice anyone has / additional support!

Much love 🙂