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You are probably feeling betrayed by your husband.  Even though you were separated, it still hurts to get this kind of news.  Why that woman waited 15 years is beyond me.  I know this is not your case but thought I would share.  I met my now husband when his daughter was 13.  She has never spent the night with us.  I think she has come to visit us 3 times, and that was just for money.  She is now 23 and expecting her first child.  We see her and her husband only at Christmas.  What I am saying is Sasha has her own life.  She is naturally coureous about her real father, but I can’t see much of a change in your life.  Gee, I think I would have to go with my husband when he meets the child.  I don’t like the idea of him meeting with that woman.  Are you planning to go with him.  Maybe meet at a restaurant or something like that. The DNA test is a good idea.  And I am glad you shared the information with Brea.  You have raised her right, to be so acceptant of the situation.  You are in our thoughts and prayers Kathrn as you are going through this.  Just think how much worse it would be if you were still gambling?  Stay strong………NancyEveryday we makes choices…..Make your choice today a good one………..