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Good morning Larry
I stopped by as I was thinking of you while I have my morning coffee.  Still enjoying coffee from your favourite mug? I hadn’t been to the daily pledge page for a week or so as I was always on at night.  Thank-you for continuing the pledge, keeping it as a reminder for all of us that to deal with compulsive gambling we must do it one day at a time.  I too think of Justin and wonder how he is doing.  I hope he is well and will come back some day to let us know how he is doing.
A GREAT BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  5 months is excellent and I’m sure in some ways it feels a lifetime since you led the life of an active CG.  And as you know that life is only one bet away. 
Your kindness and thoughtful posts are so much appreciated as you have been told many many times lol.  This community is so much richer for your presence.
Take care Larry and enjoy the simple pleasure of your morning coffee on this milestone day.