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      Hi Ladies & Gents
      Something that has come to light recently in the UK is what is the difference between “Self Exclusion” and “Relinquishing Membership”.
      Self-exclusion is where a gambler requests that they be excluded from a gambling venue. Operators have procedures in place allowing you to self-exclude for a length of time – usually between six months and five years. While you are excluded, the operator must take all reasonable steps to prevent you from gambling with them. At the end of the period chosen, the self-exclusion should continue unless you take positive action to end it. In the meantime, if you are found trying to gamble with the operator, you may be removed.
      Relinquishing Venue Membership.
      A casino will have membership, often free. Upon relinquishing membership a gambler can still be signed in via another member and continue to gamble thus this is not the same as "Self Exclusion"
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      colin in brum

      Good point and very similar in a way to the difference between cancelling online membership of a given site and a blocker.  The blocker stops you changing your mind or finding anther site.

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      Thanks Chaps
      You have answered an imponderable for me that was raised in a recent group.
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      Good topic.
      As this is the Friends and Family section its useful to explain this distinction so that F&F are aware of the crucial difference.
      It would be so easy for someone who was wavering in their recovery to give the impression that relinquishing their membership of an establishment would equal self-exclusion and all that that entails.

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