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Haven’t posted for a few days as haven’t felt like it really but ms gaedcto do a group. It has been very mixed but racking up the days now and soon it will be nine months this in mid May. Started being contacted by creditors this week after a few months respite. Still no further forward in any of that after nearly nine months folks. Groundhog Day, really understand how that feels.
Pete moves out on Thursday with the dog. So kissing goodbye to the food and fags but my son wants to talk about moving in soon as soon as he recovers from a throat infection which is by and large down to overindulgence on a holiday in Portugal. He is seeing his girlfriend again, they struggle without each other it would seem.
I had a job interview this week and went shopping for some clothes to wear. After not finding anything much I accidentally and mistakenly purchased a pair of what I would call old lady trousers in a size down from usual. They fitted. I have lost weight on my legs and butt but middle.
The morning of the job interview I had a nightmare before i woke up to do with terrorism and felt somewhat uncomfortable wearing trousers that I did not like but hey.. keep going, make the effort, try I kept telling myself. Money is getting a little low but I have a tax rebate to put in for which I keep putting off doing the paperwork but I will do it this weekend. The interview was tough and probing but I went with an open mind and not desperation. I had actually been to see my work coach the day before and was positive instead of the usual story of woe, not that things have improved hugely but I worked out that the two weeks pay I had was three months on benefits and I have made it last about six weeks. That helped me enormously.
I came home fro: the interview and slep from 4pm to the next morning. My sleep patterns are still all over the place, I eat when I want and sleep when I want but this week I am going to make an attempt to get on an even keel. I slept straight through my counselling session and missed it. Sorry Jane.
Well, to my great surprise, I was offered the job, a lot of people have gone for it, it is complex and challenging but plays to my
Strengths and is onlyshort term, around six weeks. Not like the other job, I will be fairly autonomous as long as I deliver the outputs of the job. I accepted it. I now need to get myself sorted. I will put off the rest of my tests until after the job has completed. They took so many blood tests that I am sure if anything was majorly wrong with them, they would have contacted me.
Of course, I am very scared but I am giving it to God. I have to keep trying and give of my absolute best. Without income I could just sit here and just wither. Not prepared to do that, the fight is still there and it is now time to get off my butt and move forward