looby loo

Hi Jenny/V
Thanks for asking about me, how are you doing ?
Things have definitely been up and down, but the gambling episode hasn’t affected us really, we have been far to busy with other stuff and its not our problem. Son did come to his uncle’s funeral and has seen his new nephew too, at only a week old.
In answer to your questions V, I don’t know how long the abstinence was, I don’t know what support he has (probably none) I believe it was a ‘full blown’ and yes his barriers have to go up again and he knows it ………………………….. Our grandson is gorgeous and our time and thoughts have been with the kids and our sister in law. So sorry to read you have been unwell, hope you are feeling tip top again now ?
Son due to visit next weekend again, we are away with grandaughter Tuesday until Saturday and will catch up with him when we are back……………………..
I have finished working for the charity, as it was running out of funding, but was asked to do some medical typing at our local hospital on Mon/Tues each week, that, combined with helping with the kids, seeing my own friends and upkeep of our home certainly keeps me more than occupied – how ever did I manage to work full time ????
I do read every day, but of course don’t always have the time to post as much as I used to, but I do think about all my friends here on a very regular basis – where are you Monique ?????
Everyone has a destiny, it's up to us whether we choose to follow it though !Looby Loo