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    I think I’ve read similar to this post on previous years so my apologies if I’ve beaten someone to it!
    New Years resolutions not to gamble?  Good in theory of course but hey, if we have had to come to a site like this then in all likleihood we have made that resolution before without success!
    So, whats going to be different this time?  Well, rather than just a resolution to not gamble, how about a resolution to get to GA meetings?  To install that blocker?  To post here regularly?  To be accountable?  Any or all of those things would give the not gambling resolution more chance or success.
    Same with a lot of other thigns – giving up smoking?  Resolution to try patches.  Dieting? Resolution to eat an apple if hungry between meals 🙂  Though not carrying cash works for diets as well as not gambling! 😉  No cash = no gambling AND no extra snacks/bottle of wine on way home etc 😉
    In short – made resolutions that haven’t succeeded in the past?  Then what can you do DIFFERENTLY this time?
    I used to hate New year, all those people being positive, hopeful, making plans, new starts etc when of course all I was expecting was same old same old.  Well now I CAQN look forward with hope etc  I can do that every day of the year as well 🙂
    Have a great New year everyone!!!

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