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       I miss Sherrie’s top ten list too, so let’s start it up again in her honour
      Debbie’s Top Ten of the Day:
      1.  I’m still feeling proud for saying no and very happy to see the wonderful supportive posts regarding it on my thread
      2.  I did the dishes this morning before going to work so didn’t have to come home and do them
      3.  My dog, Bruno, met me at the door when I got home and was so happy that he spun in circles
      4.  I love this thread and I’m so glad that Sherrie came up with the idea
      5.  I had a great day at work and was recognized via email by the vice president of the company
      6.  I’m looking forward to some "me" time over the next 5 days – no arguing over the t.v., will have the bed to myself ALL NIGHT LONG (without getting woken up at 4am), will cook whatever I want for dinner or better yet – will order take out at least 2 nights
      7.  Thinking about my granddaughter coming into the world in about 3 weeks and feeling all warm and fuzzy
      8.  Applied for a part time job and think I just might get it
      9.  Going to sit outside and enjoy the sunset
      10. Tried egglant parmigana for lunch and found out that I like it

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