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    Without help I will not make it. Without help, I could lose everything. Without help, I won’t reach my full potential. These are my most recent revelations. I am a compulsive gambling addict and this is my story.– 08/02/2013 11:24:45: post edited by harry.


    Hi Lynsey, A Warm Welcome to Gambling Therapy
    Having found us you have also found a diverse community who can help and support you on your recovery journey.
    Here on the forum you can share your experiences in a safe, supportive and non-judgemental environment and by reading others stories am sure you will see that you are very much not alone in this addiction
    Please click here to see our services page, feel free to use all that this site can offer…
    To chat with others in real time you may wish to make use of the support groups, the ***** of these groups are advertised under "What’s on and When" or click here to see the weekly group schedule.
    For one to one chat you may want to try the live advice helpline. Click "connect" when these options become available.
    Also to say when you registered we would have sent you an email with an attachment, this attachment will help you navigate the site and find the support you so rightly deserve, alternatively this guide can be downloaded by clicking here.  
    Take Care
     "You may never know what results come from your actions.  But if you do nothing there will be no result".  – Mahatma Gandi


    ***** Lynsey and welcome.
    What you say is true for all of us.  The good news is that there is a lot of help out there these days.  Here and other sites like this one, Gamblers Anonymous, other self help groups, counselling, residential treatment centres and more.
    Keep posting.  If you tell us a little more about your situation you will get a lot for feedback and support from the other members here.  Let us know what help you are using and the positive steps you are taking to tackle this addiction.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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